What I’m doing now

This is what I am focused on currently:

  • Diving into learning new methods and tools for my new analytics position
    • Statistics (esp. Weibull analysis and forecasting)
    • Python (yay Jupyter notebooks and ipython!)
    • R (using '<-' instead of '='? What is this madness…)
    • SQL (query all the things!)
    • JMP (“I could probably do this in R or python…”)
    • Tableau (witty statement here)
  • Getting fluent in Spanish. I’m using Duolingo and Gabe Wyner’s Anki system.
  • Trying to read more, Netflix less, and maybe…just maybe write a blog post now and then.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for the inspiration for this page!

This page was last updated in February 2016.